The Weight

Our friends at 8 Days A Week Studios in Northampton, PA made this stunning version of the Band classic, The Weight. The entire song was recorded with Roswell Pro Audio microphones.

Mics Used In This Video

Roswell Colares

The Colares was used on vocals and mandolin. Read more about why the Colares is our best-selling vocal microphone.

Roswell Mini K47

The Mini K47 was used on drums overheads and acoustic guitar.

Roswell Delphos II

The Delphos II was used on guitar cab. Many Delphos II owners have commented that the mic sounds like a vintage U67 on guitar cab. Read more about the Delphos II.

Production Credits

Audio - Paul Smith, 8DAWS
Video - Chad Evans / Stone State Entertainment LLC


Vocals - Bret Alexander, Stacia Abernatha, Paul Smith
Guitar, mandolin, keys - Bret Alexander
Bass, acoustic guitar - Paul Smith
Drums - AJ Jump
Violin - Nyke Van Wyk


Vocals - Roswell Colares
Electric guitar - Roswell Delphos II
Violin - Roswell Delphos II
Acoustic guitar - Roswell Mini K47
Mandolin - Roswell Colares
Drums - Mini K47 Matched Pair (OH), Mini K47 KD (kick)
(Bass was recorded direct; piano and organ were virtual.)

Multitrack Audio

We've also published the multitrack audio, so you can download the raw tracks to create your own mix.

Download the individual audio tracks here.