Pro Sound News, Apr 2017

Delphos - PSN / Rob Tavaglione, April 2017

Long story short, the mic seems to excel at just about everything. It really is flexible and versatile enough to earn the ellusive “one mic good enough for everything” moniker of flexible excellence...

I have discovered an affordable, versatile, non-colored do-it-all microphone to capture most anything under the sun.

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Tape Op Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017

Delphos - Tape Op, January 2017


I'm really, really impressed with the Delphos. It's a fantastic workhorse mic that shines in a variety of situations, and its price puts it within reasonable reach for most studios and recordists. The Roswell Delphos should easily earn a place even within the most well-stocked mic lockers.

Download the full review here [1.6MB PDF], or see it online here.

Ask Audio

Delphos - Ask•Audio, January 2017


I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with the Delphos... [Y]ou’ll get a clear, concise, and lightly colored result, regardless of the source... [I]t’s wonderful to find a mic that has a vintage voice without the vintage price... [I]f you want a mic that sounds uniquely delicious and unlike anything your competition has in their mic locker (yet), you’ll certainly want to check out the Delphos.

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Mini K47 - San Diego Troubadour, January 2017


I received a matched of pair of Roswell Mini K47 condenser mics and used them constantly for a couple of weeks on a wide range of sources: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, percussion, and accordion. I'm here to tell you that it has been and will remain my studio's go-to mic for the foreseeable future.

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Recording Magazine, 2016-12

Delphos - Recording Magazine, December 2016


If you read many of my reviews, you’ll know I’m very cautious about saying a microphone bests or goes toe to toe with mics twice its price, but the more I use it, the more I think Delphos is one such mic. It stands comfortably alongside many $1500–$1800 mics in my collection, and it looks as classy as it sounds!

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Recording Magazine, 2016-05

Aurora - Recording Magazine, May 2016

(The Aurora was a predecessor to the Delphos, sold briefly in 2016 but significantly upgraded to create the Delphos.)


Due to its neutral fullness, the Aurora can be used on pretty much any source you choose with little concern or issues. Its smooth yet natural top end puts it squarely in the “this could be your only microphone” and/or “workhorse” category...

The Aurora is a brilliant complement to the Mini K47 and a truly exceptional all-around mic.

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Professional Audio Magazine, 2016-04

Mini K47 - Professional Audio Magazine, April 2016


The fine resolution and the good transient response (particularly for a large diaphragm condenser) of the Mini K47 indeed yield an expensive, high-quality sound. In this respect, this affordable microphone can take on rivals that would typically cost at least twice the money. That’s quite an accomplishment.

From the lowest string of an acoustic guitar up to the highest note of a female singer, from a long, sustained swell to an abrupt, percussive strum on the guitar strings — the Mini K47 manages to capture all these signals with confidence, graceful contours, and a natural liveliness. As such, a single Mini K47 could well be the ideal ‘one fits all’ solution for just about any vocal or voiceover talent, as well as acoustic instruments that would call for a close-mic application.

Download the full review, in its original German, here [536k PDF], or the English translation here [826k PDF].

Sound On Sound, 2016-04

Mini K47 - Sound On Sound, April 2016

Excerpt: get a big vocal sound but without any obvious coloration — the flattery is subtle. Moving the mic far enough away to lose the proximity effect reveals a well-balanced sound that still retains plenty of weight...

Definitely a mic for your shortlist.

Download the full review here [1MB PDF].

Tone Report Weekly, Dec 25, 2015

Mini K47 - Tone Report Weekly, December 25, 2015


For a condenser mic, this is incredibly warm. It really captured the detail of each clip, and brought forth a bit of high end sparkle to each tone. On all fronts it really succeeded where most condensers fail: adding color and smooth high-end detail to even the most basic of guitar tones.

Download the full review here [3.9MB PDF].

Tape Op Magazine, Sept-Oct 2015

Mini K47 - Tape Op Magazine, September 2015


[On drum overheads,] the pair of Roswells delivered quite a meaty sound. The toms spoke in a lovely manner, the “air” I look for on the snare was there, the imaging (using ORTF configuration) was great, and the cymbal articulation was wonderful. The Mini K47 is a perfect choice for recordists who want the full picture of the drums in their overheads. As I listened to playback, I kept being reminded of the nice thickness you hear when using ribbons on overheads, but the Mini K47 tracks didn't have that “squishy” sound that ribbons can impart. I think the Mini K47 would also work great as a room mic because of its ability to tame the splashy sound of a brighter room...

The Roswell Mini K47 is one of the best utility mics I’ve used. It sounds great on a number of sources, fitting them perfectly into a mix. It takes EQ well (when needed), and it seems happy to do anything you ask it to do. $299 for a mic of this quality is beyond fair — it’s a steal.

Download the full review here [222k PDF].

Recording Magazine, September 2015

Mini K47 - Recording Magazine, September 2015


The Mini K47 is an impressive debut for Roswell Pro Audio. It is not just one of the best entry-level mics money can buy, it is also one of those workhorse mics that will find use in a mic locker forever, regardless of whatever other microphones one owns.

Download the full review here [807k PDF].