Virtual Showroom

Join us in the studio for a livestreamed recording session. We'll hear multiple Roswell mics on the same sources, compare them solo'd and in the context of the mix, and discuss the mics' voicings and how to select a voice for any given source.

If you'd like to nominate an artist or band to be featured in an upcoming Virtual Showroom series, get in touch!

Ep. 9: Ernesto Homeyer demonstrates using Figure-8 to isolate guitar/vocal bleed for singer songwriters

We've talked about this technique for years, but never actually used it. This video presents the technique of using two condenser mics in Figure-8 to capture the voice and guitar simultaneously, with better isolation than Cardioid mics can provide. It's not the same thing as Blumlein, and it's not a stereo technique at all -- rather it's a way to leverage the behavior of Figure-8 LDCs to yield better isolation than you might expect.

Mics used in this episode: the Roswell Delphos II (in Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni)

(The Youtube video description has a clickable TOC to allow navigation within the stream.)

Ep. 8: Ruggiero Jazz Quartet

We had so much fun with Charles Ruggiero (see Episode 6), we invited him back! He brought some celebrities from his touring circle: Ralph Moore on sax, Larry Goldings on piano, Mike Gurrola on bass.

Mics used in this episode:

  • Drum overheads - Roswell Mini K67x
  • Snare - MicParts Snare Mic
  • Kick - Roswell Mini K47 KD
  • Bass - Roswell Mini K67x
  • Sax - Roswell Mini K87
  • Piano - Roswell Delphos II pair (cardioid)

(See the full mic listing, the track listing, and production notes in the video description on Youtube.)

Ep. 7: Ukulele Trio

If you've never heard a ukulele trio, this will be a treat. Multi-instrumentalist and composer Abe Lagrimas, Jr played drums and ukulele, accompanied by bassist Gary Wicks. Abe and Gary performed a song from Abe's new solo record, Beyond Words (a record we own and enjoy!).

This session provides a deep comparison of the Delphos II and Mini K47 on two ukuleles, and a great discussion of how mic choice is influenced not only by the sound of the source, but the context in which it would be heard.

Ep. 6: Live Jazz Quartet

In our most fun livestream to date, we hear Charles Ruggiero (drums), Peter Smith (piano), Trevor Ware (bass), and Doug Webb (sax) play jazz -- four guys at once, live in the room. We talked about mic choice and placement, and bleed management.

Mics used in this session:

  • Sax - Mini K87
  • Bass - Mini K87
  • Piano - Delphos II pair (cardioid)
  • Kick drum - Mini K47 KD on kick
  • Overheads - Mini K47 pair in ORTF
  • Snare - MicParts SDC-84 "Snare Mic"

    Ep. 5: Full Drum Kit Miking with Glen Sobel

    Glen Sobel has toured and performed with Alice Cooper, Tony MacAlpine, and Hollywood Vampires. He joined us in March, 2021 to help demonstrate a full suite of Roswell and MicParts microphones on drum kit.

    Ep. 4: Mini K47, Delphos II, Colares

    This episode features Gabby Gordon on piano and vocals. Gabby performed two beautiful original songs.

    Mics used in this session:

    • Piano: Colares pair, Mini K47 pair (hear both, independently)
    • Vocals: Delphos II, Colares (with and without saturation)

    Ep. 1–3: Mini K47, Mini K87, Mini K47 KD, MicParts "Snare Mic"

    This series features artists Adam Gimenez and Anthony Nino Salazar of the band Iron Point. We tracked acoustic guitars, cajon, acoustic drums, vocals, guitar, and bass.

    Once the production is complete, we will post downloadable tracks.

    See the two completed music videos for this song on the Iron Point Sessions page.

    Episode 1: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Cajon

    Quick links:

    Episode 2: Drums

    Quick links:
    Jump to the Mini K47 KD at 35:15.

    Episode 3: Bass, Guitars