Virtual Showroom

Join us in the studio for a livestreamed recording session. We'll hear multiple Roswell mics on the same sources, compare them solo'd and in the context of the mix, and discuss the mics' voicings and how to select a voice for any given source.

If you'd like to nominate an artist or band to be featured in an upcoming Virtual Showroom series, get in touch!

Series 1: Mini K47, Mini K87, Mini K47 KD, MicParts "Snare Mic"

This series features artists Adam Gimenez and Anthony Nino Salazar of the band Iron Point. We've tracked acoustic guitars, cajon, acoustic drums, and vocals. The upcoming 3rd episode (December 3, 2020) will show Adam and Anthony finishing the song with electric guitar and bass.

Once the production is complete, we'll post the full music video as well as downloadable stems.

Episode 1: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Cajon


Episode 2: Drums

Quick links:
Jump to the Mini K47 KD at 35:15.

Episode 3: Bass, Guitars