Warranty and Repairs

Product Warranty

All Roswell microphones carry a warranty of at least one year. Find the warranty language for your microphone on the last page of your mic’s product manual.

Every Roswell microphone includes a QC/Warranty card that shows the signed, dated quality control checklist on one side, and the warranty registration link on the rear side. If your new Roswell microphone did not include a QC/Warranty card, contact us via email with proof-of-purchase immediately.

Service Requests

Contact Us First

If your Roswell microphone needs service, we recommend first contacting us via email for troubleshooting assistance.

Use Shipping Insurance

Should you need to send the microphone in for repair, be aware that damage accrued in transit is not covered by the warranty. Therefore we request and recommend that you pack the microphone well (see notes below) and use insurance for the shipment.

Include this form

Print and complete this service request form. Microphones received without this form are likely to be delayed.

How to Pack the Microphone

To prevent damage in transit, wrap the microphone in six to 10 feet of 5/16'' bubble wrap. Place that football-sized bundle in a box just large enough to hold it snugly (e.g. 12x6x6 inches).

Where to Ship the Microphone

Ship the box (with tracking and insurance) to the address on the Contact page.