Custom Shop

We are now offering a variety of custom finish options and circuit modifications for all Roswell microphones. Contact us for details if you are interested in a special-order microphone built to your specification.


Custom Options for the Mini K Series

This limited-edition blue metallic powdercoat finish is available for all three Mini K microphones -- the K47, K87, and KD.


Circuit Mods

We now offer a circuit modification for the Mini K87 and Mini K47 for customers whose primary application is voiceover and vocals. 

We designed the standard Mini K47 and Mini K87 with headroom to accommodate a wide range of sources, from voices to drums -- but if you would only ever record voices, acoustic guitar, or strings, we can provide a higher-sensitivity circuit optimized to capture every nuance of these quiet sources. 


Customized Mini K47s can now be ordered directly from the Mini K47 product page.

Pair Bundle

Mini K Mixed PairThe Mini K Mixed Pair delivers sonic diversity in a box: it includes one each of the Mini K47 and Mini K87, bundled into a compact stereo flight case and sold at a discounted bundle price. Order the mixed pair here.

Custom Options for the Delphos II

Delphos II, custom grilleWe now offer two alternative grilles for the Delphos II. Pictured is the Black Chrome style. We also have a Satin Nickel style. Both are tapered designs, based on the M49.

Circuit Mods

The Delphos II has won praise from hundreds of artists and producers for its neutral and musical sound. If your application requires a brighter or darker frequency curve, we can build to that spec. Every Delphos II is hand-tuned in our shop, so we can voice this model to meet your needs.


Custom Options for the Colares

Colares, custom grilleAs with the Delphos II, we now offer two alternative grilles for the Colares.


Circuit Mods

Although the Colares was designed to provide effortless harmonic saturation, we have complete control over the amount of saturation in the circuit. If your application requires the Colares' clarity without any harmonic color, we can tune the circuit accordingly. 

Shockmount upgrade

We can upgrade the Colares to use our custom Cutaway™ shockmount, which mounts to the mic more securely than does the Rycote mount.