Custom Shop

We are now offering a variety of custom finish options and circuit modifications for all Roswell microphones. Some of these options can be ordered directly from the microphones' product pages. Contact us if you want something described here that isn't listed for sale on the website.


Cosmetic Options for the Mini K series

Pictured, left to right:

  • Custom Shop Vintage Guitar Green
  • Custom Shop Metallic Blue
  • Custom Shop Metallic Green
  • Custom Shop Deep Purple
  • Custom Shop Black Star Sparkle finish (with chrome grille)
  • Custom Shop Satin Black

We have two additional colors that are not pictured above: Imperial White (satin pearl white) and Army Green (matte finish).

We have three grille options for the Mini K: the standard satin nickel, satin black (not pictured), and chrome.

Some of the custom finishes can be ordered from the Mini K product pages. Some, including alternative grille colors, cannot. Contact us if you are interested in one of these off-menu options.

Please be aware that these custom colors are not always available. The Black Star Sparkle, for example, is a very limited edition that will not be restocked once the initial run has been sold.


Circuit Modifications for the Mini K series

Mini K47 / Mini K87 Options

"High Output" Mod   "High SPL" Mod

We designed the standard Mini K47 and Mini K87 with headroom to accommodate a wide range of sources, from voices to drums. But if you would only ever record voiceover, classical guitar, foley, or ensembles, we can provide a higher-sensitivity circuit optimized to capture every nuance of these quiet sources. Choose the "High Output" option from the Mini K47 or Mini K87 product pages.

We can optionally install an internal switch into these mics to provide a 10dB pad (non-capacitive, low distortion). This would likely only be needed for recording very loud sources, such as horns, or if you wish to artificially lower the mic's output in order to hear more of the preamp's contribution to the sound.

Mini K47x / Mini K67x Options

"High SPL" Mod  

Matched pairs of the Mini K47x and Mini K67x come with this upgrade by default. We can add it to single mics by request; contact us for pricing. The mod adds an internal feedback switch, which provides an increase in headroom (5dB up to about 15dB, depending on your needs) for recording louder sources.

The Mini K "Mixed Pair" Bundle

Mini K Mixed PairThe Mini K Mixed Pair delivers sonic diversity in a box: it includes two different Mini K microphones, bundled into a compact stereo flight case and sold at a discounted bundle price. This Custom Shop option has become so popular that we made it configurable and orderable directly from the website. Click here for Mini K Mixed Pairs.

Custom Options for the Delphos II / Colares

Cosmetic Options

Pictured, left to right:

  • Roswell Colares, standard Metallic Copper finish
  • Custom Shop "Metallic Gray" finish
  • Custom Shop "Stealth" finish (satin black with black chrome grille)
  • Custom Shop "Metallic Green" finish
  • Roswell Delphos II, standard dark blue finish

These grille and finish options are available independently. Contact us to request your favorite combination.

Circuit Modifications

The Delphos II has won praise from hundreds of artists and producers for its neutral and musical sound. If your application requires a brighter or darker frequency curve, we can build to that spec. Every Delphos II is hand-tuned in our shop, so we can voice this model to meet your needs.

Although the Colares was designed to provide effortless harmonic saturation, we have complete control over the amount of saturation in the circuit. If your application requires the Colares' clarity without any harmonic color, we can tune the circuit accordingly. 

The amount of attenuation provided by the pad switch in these mics is easily changed, if you prefer more or less than the standard 10dB. Similarly, the rolloff frequencies for the two filter options in the Colares can be easily adjusted.