Iron Point Sessions

In the Fall of 2020, we livestreamed three recording sessions with LA band Iron Point. You can watch those session in our Virtual Showroom series.

Below, you can see the two music videos we produced, using only the Mini K47 and Mini K87 microphones on voice, guitars, bass, and percussion. (For the electric version, we added two specialty mics for kick and snare: Mini K47 KD and the MicParts "Snare Mic." We also used the MicParts T-25, initially set up as a talkback mic, as a room mic on guitars.)

Downloadable Audio Tracks

This ZIP archive contains separate tracks for: kick, snare, overheads (two stereo tracks), vocals (two takes, using different mics), bass (two close mics), rhythm guitars (three parts, two close mics and one room mic each), lead and slide guitar (three parts with two close mics, one room mic each), acoustic guitar (two mics), and percussion (two mics)... 32 tracks in all.

Download the Iron Point Session Stem Tracks here (412MB ZIP).

Expired: the electric mix

Expired: the acoustic mix