Introducing the Colares

Roswell Colares

The Roswell Colares® at a glance:

  • 251 style voicing in a solid-state design
  • Vintage FET/Transformer circuit
  • Rich harmonics, plus a saturation-defeat switch
  • High output, very low noise
  • 3-way high-pass filter
  • Designed, assembled, tested, and tuned in California
  • USD $1259 (includes flightcase and Rycote shockmount)

Mix-Ready Vocals


I recorded male and female vocals both with the Colares and a Brauner VM1. It might please you to know that to my very old-fashioned ears, the Colares sounded fatter. Perhaps not truer but definitely fatter. Which is precisely [the sound] I was attempting to attain.
Colares owner Arthur K.
Yes, the Colares can be exceptionally colorful and "character driven," and that’s what makes it special--but with its unique pad, it can be an entirely different, neutral and "invisible" mic, which makes it really valuable. Its ability to express both personalities well makes the Colares a secret weapon mic, one worthy of being toted around in that travel case, able to handle just about anything thrown at it. It’s $1,259 direct from Roswell and worth every penny.
Rob Tavaglione, Pro Sound News
The Colares delivered [vocal] detail in an extremely impressive way. I feel like the only other microphones that have given me as much detail as the Colares cost five to ten times as much.
Eli Crews, Tape Op Magazine

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Colares product page.