Introducing the Mini K47 Matched Pair

Roswell Mini K47 Matched Pair

Mini K47 Matched Pairs at a glance:

  • Factory-matched large-diaphragm studio condensers
  • Ideal for drum overheads, piano, and ensemble miking
  • Careful matching of both sensitivity and frequency response ensures a cohesive stereo image
  • Rich, vintage tonality without hype or harshness
  • Both mics and shockmounts ship in a compact metal flightcase
  • USD $849 for the matched pair
  • All Roswell microphones are designed, wired, soldered, assembled, tested, tuned, and burned in in California -- hand-built in small batches, not mass-produced in Asia.
  • Need more info about matched pairs of the Mini K47? click here
  • Need more info about the design of the Mini K47? click here

Mini K47 Pair on Grand Piano

Piano legend Bill Payne (Little Feat, Doobie Brothers, Toto, Jackson Browne, Robert Palmer...) played an improv version of the Little Feat classic, "Dixie Chicken," to demonstrate the Mini K47s on his piano.

See another piano demo in the demo archive, starring Ryo Okumoto of the band Spock's Beard.)

Little Wing, live in the studio

The Mini K47 was used on drum overheads, guitar cab, and bass cab during this session. See more music videos and product demo videos in the library.


These mics are f***ing amazing! Pardon my French. :-)
Bill Payne (Little Feat, Doobie Brothers, Toto, Robert Palmer, Bonnie Raitt, Pink Floyd, etc.)
When we put the Roswell Mini K-47s up and had a listen, my house engineer at Sunset Sound and I were stunned. They have a smooth detailed sound, without being overly bright. The Mini K47 is warm, and don't sound inexpensive. It is a true "no-brainer" for anyone who is looking for a great mic at a great value.
Ross Hogarth, Grammy Award Nominated Engineer and Producer
It honestly seemed like everything I used the K47s on tasted great “right out of the can,” with much less need for sweetening when mixing or mastering. In fact, I don’t remember a microphone that I so consistently did not need to add EQ to.
Sven Erik Seaholm, Engineer and Producer
I'm recommending getting a pair of Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47s! [They are a] great choice for drum overheads, vocals, electric guitar amps or acoustic guitars.
Barry Rudolph, Music Connection Magazine

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Mini K47 microphone product page. For more on the matched pairs, visit the matched pair product page.