Mini K47 Audio Samples

For more information on the Mini K47 studio condenser microphone, click here. Or scroll down for video demos and audio samples.

Drums, Guitar, Bass

We invited three top session players to perform Jimi Hendrix' "Little Wing" in a Los Angeles studio. We used the Mini K47 on drum overheads, guitar cab, and bass cab.

See session details, mix notes, and download the individual audio tracks here.

Guitar Cab, Leslie Cab

Hear the Rumproller Organ Trio record their version of "Shut Up and Dance," live in the studio through Roswell microphones:

See mic choices and placement, and session details here.


Piano legend Bill Payne (Little Feat, Doobie Brothers, Toto, Jackson Browne, Robert Palmer...) played an improv version of the Little Feat classic, "Dixie Chicken," to demonstrate the Mini K47s on his piano.

Ryo Okumoto of Spock's Beard, and his wife Keiko, used Roswell mics for this live studio performance of "Carie." Keiko's vocals are recorded with a Colares. Ryo's piano is miked with a pair of Mini K47s.

One mic to rule them all?

Lij Shaw of Recording Studio Rockstars spent a day (or three) in the studio recording an original song with only one microphone -- the Roswell Mini K47.

And the original song turns out to be a catchy jingle for the mic!

The video is a fun look at a "day in the life" (or 3 days) of a working artist/engineer. And a very nice demonstration of the versatility of the Mini K47, too.

Microphone Monday - Guitars, Bass Cab, Piano, Drums

Recording Studio Ninjas used the Mini K47 for an episode of "Microphone Monday," recording an entire band with a single microphone (multi-tracked, of course).

The Dryes -- Acoustic guitar, vocals, live in the studio

Our friends at Midwood Guitar Studio recorded Derek and Katelyn Drye, live in the studio, with a pair of Roswell Mini K47s. It's a powerful testimony of the value of a great pair of microphones, that they can capture two voices and a guitar with this degree of emotion and fidelity. No studio trickery or heavy-handed processing required!

Learn more about The Dryes.

The Spectre Sound Review

Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sound put the Mini K47 through a full studio test, including drums, guitar, and vocals. He was so impressed, he named the mics his favorites under $500!

Male Vocals and Voiceover

Jerry Mateo of the Youtube channel In The DAW posted this review of the Mini K47 on voiceover and male vocals. Judge for yourself, but we think the Mini K47 ($299) completely smokes the unnamed $800 condenser that Jerry compared it to.

Review from Mixdown Online

Chris Selim loved the Mini K47 so much that he bought the review pair. (He'd already bought the Delphos too.) Hear short samples of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and drum overheads in this video:

Acoustic Guitar

Adam Odor and Dave Percefull of Texas band Saints Analogue and well-known Yellow Dog Studios call the Mini K47 their "secret weapon" for acoustic guitar.

Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Male Vocal

Watch guitar hero Doug Doppler put the Mini K47 through its paces on guitars by Dean, Fender, Gretsch, PRS, Ibanez (bass), and Gibson. There's a great cover of a classic Counting Crows track at the end, too, showcasing the mic on male vocals. See a track-by-track breakdown of the gear list (guitars, effects, amps, and cabs) here.


Chris Rippey of the Midsummer Online Banjo Festival tested the Mini K47 on a resonator banjo.


Watch ukulele artist Sarah Maisel demonstrate the Mini K47 on her custom Kanile'a ukulele.

Hammered Dulcimer

Hear Joshua Messick perform his arrangement of "Scarborough Fair" on his Master Works DulciForte hammered dulcimer. The main mic pair on the instrument was a matched pair of Roswell Mini K47s.

(There is a relatively high amount of noise in this track, due to a faulty preamp that was used for a binaural ambient mic. The concert was recorded live to stereo, not multitracked, so it was not possible to pull the noise from the binaural mic out of the mix.)

Classical Piano

Classically trained, award-winning pianist Tristan Lauber performs Chopin Ballade no. 4 opus 52 to demonstrate the sound of the Mini K47 on grand piano. This piece has a full range of dynamics. Tristan states, "I have never had a better sound for my recordings."

Dobro / Resonator Guitar

Hear resonator master Jimmy Heffernan play dobro through the Mini K47.

Jimmy says, "This is the only mic I use on my dobro."

Piano & Female Vocal

Hear Ana Silvia Maluf perform Ingrid Michelson's hit "Sort Of," recorded live in the studio with a pair of Roswell Mini K47 microphones.

Electric Guitar

Hear Lance Seymour (of the Geartalk channel on Instagram -- 140,000 followers!) put the Mini K47 through its paces on a variety of guitars and tones.

Lance says, "I use it every single day right now. I'm in love with it."

Delphos and Mini K47 - Nylon-String Guitar

Hear Jacob Cordover play a classic 1957 Hermann Hauser guitar formerly owned by famed British guitarist Julian Bream. The song is "Here, There, and Everywhere," from the Beatles' Revolver.

The track was recorded with one Delphos and a matched pair of Mini K47s, in the showroom of Guitar Salon International in Santa Monica, CA.

Drum Overheads (includes Delphos comparison)

Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios and the Recording Ninja Workshops put the Roswell Mini K47 and Delphos to test on drum overheads. This video lets you hear both pairs of mics individually, then back-to-back.

Signal path: Mic → Trident console → DAW. No EQ, no compression, no effects.

Download the raw WAV audio from this session here.

Electric Bass Guitar

Hear Sean Malone (Cynic, Gordian Knot, John Wesley) play an Ibanez fretless through an Ampeg system. The drum track is Bill Bruford's, from the second Gordian Knot record.

Sean miked the Ampeg cabinet with a single Mini K47.


Johnny Helm of Honolulu, HI sent a clip of Dave Watanabe playing a guitalele. It was miked with a single Mini K47, about 6 inches in front of the sound hole.

More Drums & Percussion

Movie-music composer Jon Mattox wrote and arranged a percussion-based piece to demonstrate the versatility of the Mini K47. Watch the video to hear the mic on drum OH, concert bass drum, palm fronds, and rebar.

Drummer and producer Don Gunn recorded his kit in both ORTF and Glyn Johns configurations, with and without room mics, to illustrate multiple drum sounds from the microphone.

The 2-minute Sampler

This video contains short excerpts from the above three, plus a turn on acoustic guitar from Ronan Chris Murphy, an alternate drum take from Jon Mattox, and a wonderful electric blues guitar piece from Texas Blues Alley star Anthony Stauffer.

Mini K47 review on Guitar

Hear Andi Picker of Guitar Interactive review the Mini K47 on acoustic and electric guitars.

"I like these microphones a lot ... the sound on this is absolutely lovely," says Andi. (We agree!)