Little Wing


We invited top LA-area session artists to perform Jimi Hendrix' classic song, Little Wing. We recorded all the instruments and vocals with Roswell microphones, and mixed the track with minimal effects and minimal processing. Download the multitrack session below.

Only Two Mic Models Were Used In This Video

Roswell Mini K47

The Mini K47 was used on drums, guitars, bass cab, and vocals:

Roswell Delphos II

The "OG" Delphos used in this video has been upgraded to the Delphos II, which has been purchased by more Grammy-winning artists and producers than any other Roswell mic. Read more about the Delphos II.

Multitrack Audio

We've also published the multitrack audio, so you can download the raw tracks (unprocessed, no EQ) to create your own mix.

The drums were tracked live, with the Mini K47 on overheads, and the Delphos on kick. 

The guitar and bass were recorded direct during the drum session, then re-amped with both the Delphos and Mini K47.

Here's the track listing in the ZIP file:

  • Male vox - Delphos
  • Male vox - Mini K47
  • Female vox - Delphos
  • Female vox - Mini K47
  • Bass cab - Delphos
  • Bass cab - Mini K47
  • Bass DI
  • Guitar cab - Delphos close
  • Guitar cab - Delphos room
  • Guitar cab - Mini K47
  • Guitar cab - Mini K47 room
  • Drums - Delphos front of kit
  • Drums - Mini K47 OH (stereo)
  • Drums - Delphos room

Download the individual audio tracks here. [394MB ZIP file]


Engineering Notes

Drums: Mini K47 matched pair on OH, Delphos on kick, Delphos on room

  • No compression during tracking or mixing
  • No EQ on overheads/room
  • The mic in front of the kit has a low pass filter on it so the kick and body of the snare came out more than the cymbals. 
Bass: Mini K47
  • No EQ or compression during tracking or mixing
Guitar: Mini K47 close, Delphos 12 feet away 
  • No EQ or compression during tracking or mixing
  • I tracked a room mic with each setup so I could get some live ambience. In the video mix, the close mic is panned left and the room mic (12 feet away) is panned right. During the guitar solo I lowered the room mic and added a little bit of actual delay. 
Vocals: Delphos
  • Mild EQ (high frequency boost) and compression added during the mix
  • Reverb for effect. 
All the mics are going directly into the Trident console.
EQ and compression for final mix: Added 1db shelf EQ at 56hz, 1.5db at 8.2k, and 2 db shelf at 15k. The compression is a Waves PuigChild 670 grabbing 1.5db of reduction at the most.