How to Record Electric Guitar and Not Have Your Ears Bleed

Yeah, these are one solution if your guitar cab sounds harsh.

We have a better one: a mic that hears your sound the way you do.

You've spent a fortune on your guitar, pedals, amp, and speaker. You weren't seriously considering leaving your recorded tone to chance, were you? Let someone else pick the microphone, and you're doing just that.

The mic in front of your speaker is every bit as much a part of your tone as everything else in your signal chain, all the way back to your fingers.

If you want to record your great tone, the mic you'll want is called the Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47. Hear it on a clean Fender tone (Strat / Vibroverb), a Gretch hollowbody (through a JC-120 with stereo delay), and a PRS Custom / Bogner, courtesy Doug Doppler:

Here are more samples from @GearTalk (Lance Seymour):

Mini K47 Testimonials

When we put the Roswell Mini K-47s up and had a listen, we were stunned. They have a smooth detailed sound, without being overly bright. The Mini K47 is warm, and don't sound inexpensive. It is a true "no-brainer" for anyone who is looking for a great mic at a great value.
Ross Hogarth, Grammy Award Nominated Engineer and Producer
The Mini K47s have such a great balanced top end. They are my go-to mics for drum rooms and acoustic guitars.
Geoff Neal, Sunset Sound
Roswell Mini K47

The Roswell Mini K47 at a glance:

  • Large-diaphragm condenser design means great detail, high output, and low noise
  • "K47" capsule captures vintage tonality without hype or harshness
  • Compact size makes it easy to positioning
  • Transformerless circuit topology reduces distortion
  • Smart design, careful assembly, and meticulous testing mean the mic just works
  • Includes¬†Roswell's "Cutaway" shockmount and metal flightcase
  • USD $389 for a single mic
  • USD $899 for the factory matched pair (in a custom stereo case)

The Spectre Sound Review


Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sound is famous for his no-BS reviews. Fortunately for us, he loved the Mini K47, and bought the review pair we sent him. He's not one to gush, but ... well, see for yourself. ;)

Bonus Video

Hear the Mini K47 on guitar cab, bass, and drum overheads in this incredible version of Little Wing.

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Mini K47 product page.