Introducing the Delphos


The Roswell DELPHOS® at a glance:

  • Large-diaphragm studio condenser
  • Designed, assembled, tested, and tuned in California
  • Pristine transformerless circuit built from hand-selected components
  • Warm, rich tonality with extended frequency response
  • High output, very low noise
  • True Cardioid and Omni polar patterns
  • Includes custom shockmount and flightcase

"This mic blows me away..."

More Testimonials

In my studio, the Delphos has earned its place as a "do-it-all" mic -- always at the ready for last-minute overdubs or sketches. Its combination of clarity and warm tone make it great for almost any instrument, as well as vocals. It gets used on practically every session.
Mike Poole, Grammy Award Winning Engineer and Producer
As soon as I heard the Delphos I knew it would be the perfect microphone for recording my guitar. The sound is open and detailed but not harsh or bright.
Neil Citron, Grammy Award Winning Artist, Producer, and Engineer
It captures such a clear picture of the subject that it has become essential in my studio toolkit.
Gordon Hammond, freelance engineer/producer in Nashville
The Delphos was right up there with the [Neumann] U87, but less than 1/3 the cost.
Supa Dups, producer and selector

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Delphos product page.

Demo Videos

Find demonstrations of the Delphos on male vocals, female vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum overheads, and more in our growing video library.

Below is one of the demo videos for the Delphos, showcasing the mic on female vocals and acoustic guitar.