Delphos Audio Samples

DELPHOS Microphone

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Greg Wells' Testimonial

Greg Wells has credits on something like 85 million records sold (Adele, 21 Pilots, Elton John, Katy Perry, etc). We sent him a Delphos to check out. This is what he sent back:

Vocals and more

We invited three top session players to perform Jimi Hendrix' "Little Wing" in a Los Angeles studio. We used the Delphos on vocals, drum room, front-of-kit, and as a distant mic for guitar cab.

See session details, mix notes, and download the individual audio tracks here.


Lance Seymour of Gear Talk has been using the Delphos for his guitar demo videos all year. The day the mic arrived, it went straight onto a stand for a video showcasing one of D'Angelico's new "Premier" line of acoustic guitars. The guitar sounded so good through the Delphos that Lance used it for the next 9 videos in the series.

In the demo shown here, Lance plays a Nystrum Gunner (with Lollar pickups), a Gibson J-40 acoustic, and an early 2000s Fender Telecaster Deluxe (with Elliott Telewhacker pickups). The amp was a Sebago Sound DT-50. All three instruments sound fantastic through the Delphos.

Spectre Sound reviews (Guitar & Vocals)

Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sound Studios (197,000 Youtube subscribers) demo'd the Mark II Revv Generator 120 guitar amp, using a Delphos exclusively on the cab. This video is queued up to the full mix. The guitar sounds huge, and the Delphos captured every bit of it.

Glenn's full review of the mic, made after four months' worth of near-daily use, leaves no ambiguity about the mic's value:


Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios and the Recording Ninja Workshops put the Roswell Mini K47 and Delphos to test on drum overheads. This video lets you hear both pairs of mics individually, then back-to-back, and finally Charlie recorded the Mini K47s as OH with one Delphos on kick and another in Omni as a room mic.

Signal path: Mic → Trident console → DAW. No EQ, no compression, no effects.

Find the WAV audio files here.

Female Vocal, Guitars

Doug Doppler and Julissa Leilani created this amazing version of the song "Flashlight" (from the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack) to demonstrate the new Roswell Delphos microphone.

Acoustic Guitar & Female Vocals

Chris Selim of Mixdown Online posted a video review that features acoustic guitar and female vocal tests. Chris was so impressed with the Delphos, he bought the review mic!

Female vocal, guitars, and bass

"It Fell," © 2016 by Jen Starsinic. Recorded and mixed Oct 2016 by Gordon Hammond. Reproduced with permission.

"Cold," © 2016 by Jen Starsinic. Recorded and mixed Oct 2016 by Gordon Hammond. Reproduced with permission.

These tracks were recorded entirely and exclusively with Roswell microphones. Gordon tells us, "I've been using the Delphos a ton on vocals and acoustic guitar. They really have a nice amount of detail without feeling harsh, even on a female vocal. Jen's vocal, guitar, fiddle, and the upright bass are the Delphos; the other guitar and steel are Mini K47s."

Nylon-String Guitar

Hear Jacob Cordover play a classic 1957 Hermann Hauser guitar formerly owned by famed British guitarist Julian Bream. The song is "Here, There, and Everywhere," from the Beatles' Revolver.

The track was recorded with one Delphos and a matched pair of Mini K47s, in the showroom of Guitar Salon International in Santa Monica, CA.

Electric Bass Guitar

Hear Sean Malone (Cynic, Gordian Knot, John Wesley) play a crazy-fast Bach composition on an Ibanez Prestige through an Ampeg system.

Sean miked the Ampeg cabinet with a single Roswell Delphos.