Drum Overhead Microphone Comparison

Hear our Mini K47 and Delphos microphones back-to-back on drum overheads in this studio demonstration video from Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios.

The raw WAV audio for this session can be downloaded via links below the video.


Signal Path

All microphones were plugged into a Trident console, with no EQ, no compression, and no effects. Each channel was recorded into Logic (DAW), again with no EQ, compression, or effects.


Mic Position

The overhead mics were positioned in an AB (spaced pair) configuration, with one mic roughly above the rack tom and the other roughly above the floor tom.

This technique is based on recommendations by George Massenburg. The idea is to keep both microphones equidistant from both kick and snare. To achieve this, consider a line connecting the center of the kick to the center of the snare; put one mic some distance to the left of that line (that is: roughly above the first rack tom) and the second an equal distance to the right of that line (roughly above the floor tom).

The more distance between the mics, the wider the stereo field would be.

The higher the mics stand above the floor, the more room sound the mics will record.



The first clip showcases the Mini K47s.

Download the WAV audio here.



The second clip showcases the Delphos, which were mounted in the same position as the Mini K47s.

You will immediately hear the neutral, almost U67-ish top end of the Delphos, as well as the very full lows. There is no kick mic in this clip; you're hearing the bass drum through the overhead mics (!).

Download the WAV audio here.



The third clip alternates between segments of the Mini K47 and Delphos. Note that the two microphone models were not recorded simultaneously, so you will hear subtle performance differences between the Mini K47 and Delphos tracks. Still, you will get a clear idea of the differences in tonality of the two models.

There is no WAV audio of this, but you can make your own A/B comparison using the individual WAV files linked above.



The final clip is a 4-mic set-up using two Mini K47s as OH, one Delphos (with pad engaged) in front of the kick, and a second Delphos (in Omni mode) as a mono room mic.

Download the WAV audio here. (We don't have the four mono tracks, but only this stereo mix... which includes the room mic and the kick mic solo'd briefly, as is shown in the video.)


What next?

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