Ross Hogarth

Ross Hogarth on the Roswell Mini K47

When we put the Roswell Mini K-47s up and had a listen, my house engineer at Sunset Sound and I were stunned (in a good way!). They have a smooth detailed sound, without being overly bright.

Many new inexpensive mics are brittle and harsh. Digital is quite unforgiving of harshness.

The Mini K47 is warm, and don't sound inexpensive. It is a true "no-brainer" for anyone who is looking for a great mic at a great value.

Greg Wells

Greg Wells on the Roswell Delphos

This mic blows me away.

We put it up on a great singer, and it immediately not only sounded great, but competed with microphones that I have that cost over 10 times what this one cost.

Check it out. You've got to hear it for yourself.

Mike Poole

Mike Poole on the Roswell Delphos

In my studio, the Delphos has earned its place as a "do-it-all" mic -- always at the ready for last-minute overdubs or sketches. Its combination of clarity and warm tone make it great for almost any instrument, as well as vocals. It gets used on practically every session.

The Delphos is a quality mic that would make a great addition to any studio's collection.

Gordon Hammond

Gordon Hammond on the Roswell Delphos

When I'm recording an instrument that already sounds great in the room, I reach for my Delphos. It captures such a clear picture of the subject that it has become essential in my studio toolkit.

Supa Dups

Supa Dups on the Roswell Delphos

I tested the Delphos with the Neumann U87ai, and the Delphos was right up there with the u87 but less than 1/3 the cost.

Neil Citron

Neil Citron on the Roswell Delphos

As soon as I heard the Delphos I knew it would be the perfect microphone for recording my guitar. The sound is open and detailed but not harsh or bright. In addition I found this to be an excellent vocal microphone (I used it on our new Bangtower record).

I highly recommend the Delphos microphone.

Imua Garza

Imua Garza on Roswell microphones

If I knew about the Delphos and Mini K47 earlier, I wouldn't have spent so much money on other mics. I favor them over mics that broke the bank.

Geoff Neal (Staff Engineer, Sunset Sound)

The Mini K47s have such a great balanced top end. They are my go-to mics for drum rooms and acoustic guitars.

Jimmy Heffernan

Jimmy Heffernan on the Roswell Mini K47

I haven't found anything in the studio or live that it isn't suited for. I'm in love with this microphone.

Tristan Lauber

Tristan Lauber

The results [with the Mini K47] were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I had for the very first time the single best home studio sound I had ever gotten. The playing was much more lyrical than I had ever achieved, and the sound of the hammers which were a problem before, are non-existent now. The mics capture the fullest dynamic range possible.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the mini K47s to serious and amateur musicians alike. Nothing comes close in terms of quality to price ratio.