Little Feat

Roswell Pro Audio: On Tour With Little Feat

Little Feat

When historic rock band Little Feat kicked off their Waiting for Columbus 45th Anniversary Tour last year, they did it with Roswell Pro Audio mics on stage. FOH engineer Charlie Martinez wanted the same mics on stage that he'd been using in the studio.

Congratulations to Bill Payne, Sam Clayton, Kenny Gradney, Fred, Scott Sharrard, and Tony Leone on the new tour! Bill and Scott have been Roswell customers and endorsees for years already. We are excited to be a part of the new tour, so that fans can hear the band the way they've been hearing themselves.

Here's the full list of our mics on the band's gear list:

*Through the Sacramento show in early August, 2022, the band had a $1200 ribbon mic on Scott Sharrard's guitar cab. FOH engineer Charles Martinez swapped that mic for the Mini K67x ($479); the upgrade was instantly obvious, so the Mini K67x has been used exclusively since then.

**For those who don't know, MicParts is a division of Roswell Pro Audio. MicParts microphones are designed and built in-house at Roswell HQ.


Tony Leone Drums

This photo of the drums, from early in the tour, shows the Mini K47 on overheads and the KD on outside kick. The pictured hi-hat mic was demoted once the S-25 TT caught up to the tour. The two snare mics had yet to be set up when this photo was taken.