Hyped, over-bright microphones affect different people in different ways. If you've been exposed to bright microphones, you might experience a wide range of symptoms. Initial exposure might not be immediately apparent, but the first signs of problems typically occur immediately upon playback of recorded tracks.

Symptoms can include:

  • Your mix engineer won't return your calls
  • There's a de-esser on your Christmas list
  • Ear pain

If you've experienced any of these symptoms, you might have been exposed to bright microphones. We recommend immediately upgrading your mic locker.

The sooner you do, the fewer tracks you'll have to re-record.

Choose the Roswell Mini K87 for neutral, accurate capture of the sound of your instrument in the room, without embellishment or high-frequency hype.

Mini K87

Choose the Roswell Mini K47 to add musically useful color to your sources. This mic is a favorite on acoustic strings, piano, and drum overheads.

Mini K47