Roswell Pro Audio Showrooms

We are partnering with fantastic studios around the country so that you can get hands-on experience with Roswell microphones. If you don't see a studio near you, please contact us to nominate a commercial studio in your area.

To request a demo, visit the Demo Request form.

Los Angeles, California

Ultimate Studios, Inc

Charlie Waymire's Ultimate Studios in Panorama City (north Los Angeles) combines a great room and gear with expert chops in tracking, mixing, mastering, and video.

To hear Roswell microphones in action, bring your guitar or backing track to Ultimate Studios for a free 60-minute hands-on mic demo. The studio has a piaro, drums, guitars, and basses available, as well as the complete Roswell product line.

Nashville, Tennessee

The Toy Box Studio

Lij Shaw's Toy Box Studio is one of the most laid-back studios in East Nashville. You can hear Roswell mics through the famous MCI console that recorded "Hotel California." Lij has a room full of instruments, and experience with getting great tones quickly on all of them.

Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Paul Smith's 8 Days A Week studio began life in the 1970's when John Storyk designed the rooms for Susquehanna Sound. Today it is a cool destination studio that's about 3 hours from NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.