Recording Magazine Mini K47 Review

We were excited to read Paul Vnuk's review of our Mini K47 microphone in Recording Magazine. We were even more excited to see that the magazine editors had thought the mic was significant enough to warrant adding it to the issue's cover.

We've included a few excerpts from the review, below. There's a link to the full review at the bottom of the page.

Roswell Mini K47 Review

by Paul Vnuk, Jr.
Published: September, 2015

Mini mic, BIG sound

As its frequency graph suggests, this is a very well-balanced mic that is devoid of any of the 8 dB and higher 10 to 12 kHz frequency spikes often found in budget condenser mics. You know, the shrillness and ping that we think of as the "modern condenser sound"? This mic has a great clean presence that is tight and evenly weighted, with just the right amount of mid-forward thrust. It is also very quiet, and has a subtle proximity effect with a nice hint of chest resonance up close with good off-axis rejection. Also, thanks to its thick brass body and demure size, this mic offers very little in the way of body resonance. A tap test yields only a dull metallic thunk vs. the resonant pitched ringing often found in budget condensers.

In use: studio and stage

I was sent a pair of Mini K47s for review. On my first day with them I placed them up as drum overheads in a live sound/live recording situation. This is where I first came to notice their super-tight imaging. They captured the kit with a good balance of weight, punch, and openess. I also like that the cymbals sounded full and detailed, but not spitty or sizzly.

My next use was on some pre-production vocal scratch tracks. Again, I was impressed with the mic, and again the word "balance" comes to mind. This mic does a great job of having a nice present, classic forward sound, and yet it does not impart too much of a tone to draw undue attention to itself.

I also loved the Mini K47s on a pair of classic Fender guitar cabinets, side by side with most of my favorite dynamic mics -- the Shure SM57, Audix i5, and Telefunken M81. Again, think solid and appropriately forward.


The Mini K47 is an impressive debut for Roswell Pro Audio. It is not just one of the best entry-level mics money can buy, it is also one of those workhorse mics that will find use in a mic locker forever, regardless of whatever other microphones one owns.

Read the full review here: Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Review.