LC Edition Microphones

$ 339.00 (MSRP $ 389.00)

About The Microphones

These microphones are genuine, new production Roswell "Mini K" microphones, packaged with alternative accessories. The extended Roswell microphone warranty is included.

The microphones themselves are identical to the standard edition Mini K microphones.

What makes these "LC edition" is the alternative packaging and accessories. The LC edition microphones are bundled with a heavy-duty swivel mount and a Roswell microfleece pouch. They ship in a compact carton with die-cut foam.


  • Mini K47: $389 your price $339 - save $50!
  • Mini K47x: $479 your price $429 - save $50!
  • Mini K67x: $479 your price $429 - save $50!
  • Mini K87: $439 your price $389 - save $50!
  • KD: $389 your price $339 - save $50!

Model Comparison

Mini K47 Mini K47x Mini K67x Mini K87
Capsule Type: K47 K47/K49 K67
Circuit Topology: transformerless, electronically balanced single-stage JFET/transformer single-stage JFET/transformer transformerless, electronically balanced
Mic Voicing: Midrange detail, accurate transients, high dynamic range Gently boosted upper midrange, with harmonic saturation Flat, wideband response with harmonic saturation Smooth response with unhyped top end, natural sound

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Hear the Microphones

We have created a ton of sample content to demonstrate these microphones in use: