Mini K47 KD Microphone

$ 349.00 (MSRP $ 399.00)

"When you turn it off, you just get sad." - Charlie Waymire on the Mini K47 KD.


The Mini K47 KD is a handbuilt microphone for high SPL applications: kick drum, floor tom, bass cab, brass.

We've retained our incredibly popular K47 capsule, as found in the Mini K47. We've crafted a new circuit that is optimized for high SPL capture with minimal noise, huge bottom end, and high headroom.

The Mini K47 KD ships with our exclusive Cutaway shockmount in a hard case.

Hear this mic in Ep. 3 of our Virtual Showroom studio broadcast.

Pair the Mini K47 KD with a matched pair of the Mini K47 or Mini K87 for a 3-piece drum recording solution.

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