Mini K Mixed Pair

$ 679.00 (MSRP $ 868.00)

Each of the Roswell microphones was designed to introduce a new sonic color into your studio's palette. The Mini K47 has a presence bump in the upper mids, and a tighter polar pattern that helps bring focus and clarity to drums, guitars, and vocals; the Mini K87 is a bit more laid back, glossier, and more neutral, with a tone that complements a wide variety of sources.

These two mics sound different, intentionally. Together they cover a huge range of instruments and voices. Together they form the basis for a very competent mic locker.

We are offering a "mixed pair" of Roswell Mini K microphones at a 10% discount as compared to the price of the single Mini K47 and Mini K87. The two microphones are packed with two of our exclusive "Cutaway" shockmounts in a single compact flight case.

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