Mini K47 Demo Video July 3, 2015 00:04

If you haven't already seen it, check out Doug Doppler's amazing demo video for the Mini K47. Then scroll down to find out what guitars, amps, and cabinets were used for every track:

Gear List


This is a 4-track recording, with two tracks of hand percussion (seen in the lower left and lower right frames).

Top left: Doug plays a Resonator Cutaway Electric from Dean Guitars. The instrument was miked acoustically (not recorded direct), into the preamps in the Digi 003.

Top right: Doug plays a 1952 Gibson lap steel, through a vintage TS-808 Tube Screamer and a 1964 Fender Vibroverb (1x15). The cabinet was miked with the Mini K47, straight into the Digi 003 preamp.


The guitar is a Fender ST62-TX Stratocaster, played through a 1964 Fender Vibroverb. The speaker was miked with the Mini K47, recorded directly into Pro Tools via the Digi 003.


The guitar is a Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body, running through a Pigtronix compressor (not sure which one), into a Pigtronix Echolution stereo delay. Each output channel of the delay pedal is routed to a separate Roland JC-120, although the phase on one of the outputs is inverted.

Both channels of JC-120 were individually miked with the Mini K47, plugged directly into the Digi 003 with no additional processing (analog or digital).


Doug plays a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, through a Bogner 20th Anniversary Ecstasy head and matching cabinet. The cab was miked with a Mini K47, using the Digi 003 preamps.

The resulting two tracks (recorded one after the other) were panned hard right and left.


This is a 4-track composition, using a single Ibanez "Bass Workshop" 5-string bass. For all four tracks, the instrument was played through an Orange Terror Bass 500-watt bass amp, into the SP212 Smart Power isobaric 2x12 cabinet.

The speaker in the cabinet was miked with the Mini K47, as shown in the video. You're not hearing a direct signal, but rather 4 tracks of acoustically miked bass amp.

1:50–2:46; Round Here by Counting Crows

Doug plays a Gibson Les Paul Special with P90's, through an EHX Memory Man delay pedal. The direct output (left channel) went through a 1964 Vibroverb, while the delayed signal (right channel) went through a 1964 Fender Bassman.

The speakers were miked with Mini K47 microphones, using the pre's in the Digi 003.

The organ track was a virtual instrument (not miked).

The vocalist is George Arauz. He sang into a Mini K47 -- with no pop filter, no compression, no EQ, using the preamps in the Digi 003.

Click for more info on the Mini K47 condenser microphone.

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