The Roswell Reamp video series showcases incredible artists playing real guitars through fantastic amplifiers, recorded with Roswell microphones. New episodes are published to Youtube weekly.

To participate, send:

  • a clean/dry DI track (no effects), of a 20-40 second piece of music (not just guitar pyrotechnics)
  • a photo of the artist, ideally holding the guitar used for the DI
  • the specific brand / name / model of the guitar
  • the artist's instagram and youtube handles

If possible, it would add a lot of value if you also send performance video; we would edit this into the reamp video. (See the Sean Ashe video below.)

If the piece is a song excerpt, include the song name, and a link to the song on Youtube; we'll promote the song from the reamp video's description.

If the piece was composed with a specific type of sound or pedal chain in mind, send that information too. We will try to create a tone in the same sonic neighborhood.


Participating artists (thus far!)


Current guitar amps

Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb

Mesa Lonestar (1x12)
Thanks to Doug Doppler for the loan!

Mesa Mini Rectifier 25 (with 1x12 sealed cab)
Thanks to Rob and Tommy at EMG Pickups for the loan!

Current pedal inventory

Here is the current collection as of June, 2024. (Suggestions are welcome.)

Drive/Distortion/Fuzz Overdrive Distortion Fuzz