Mini K87 Audio Samples

For more information on the Mini K87 studio condenser microphone, click here. Or scroll down for video demos and audio samples.

Acoustic Guitar

Karina Iglesias and Camilo Velandia arranged this medley of Beyonce songs. This was recorded with the Aztec on vocals, and a Mini K87 on acoustic guitar.

Mixbus TV: Recording an entire song with one Mini K87

Vocals, Guitar, Drums | The Mixdown Online Review(s)

Chris Selim of Mixdown Online tried the mics on vocals, guitar, and drums. Here is his full review:

Electric Guitar(s)

Musician and tube amp designer Aaron Lyon of Monkeymatic tried the Mini K87 on three different electric guitar styles and sounds:

(The audio in this video is from a single Mini K87 microphone, positioned a few inches to the side of the dust cap on the speaker.)

Acoustic Guitar

Jeffery Marshall plays acoustic guitar in this short demo of the Mini K87.

Drum Overheads

Charlie Waymire demonstrates the Mini K87 on drum overheads. This video also demonstrates the Mini K47 KD (kick drum edition) on outside kick.



Chris Rippey of the Midsummer Online Banjo Festival tested the Mini K87 on an open-back OME North Starbanjo.


Tom Strahle demonstrates the Mini K87 on banjo:


Hear Craig Chee demonstrate the Mini K87 on a reentrant tuned baritone ukulele: