Introducing the Mini K Mixed Pair

Roswell Mini K47 Mixed Pair

No one mic is perfect for every source. So we've bundled two different-sounding mics together. These two microphones will let you cover a huge range of sonic territory.

Do you prefer a mic with some color on your voice or acoustic? Try the Mini K47. Do you need a more neutral mic for distorted guitar or female vocals? Try the Mini K87.

Or do you want to play with two different mics together? Maybe put the Mini K87 up close on the Leslie, and the Mini K47 farther back in the room...

How about unconventional stereo miking? Sure, we sell matched stereo pairs, but where's the rule that stereo mics have to sound the same? Some of the best recordings in history came from engineers who broke the rules, and invented entirely new techniques.

The Mini K Mixed Pair lets you record a diverse array of instruments and voices -- in mono, near-and-far, or in stereo. This pair lets you choose the mic and technique that give you the best sound from every source.

Mini K Mixed Pairs at a glance:

Mini K47 Mini K87
Mic Type: Large-diaphragm condenser Large-diaphragm condenser
Capsule: K47, 34mm, single backplate K67/K87, 34mm, dual backplate
Sonic Profile: "Mid forward" frequency response Neutral frequency response
Favorite for: Adding color and presence to a source Capturing detail without hype or enhancement


You can, of course, choose any two of the five Mini K models to make a mixed pair. Click here to configure your own custom pair.

Features (of both mics)

  • Rugged steel body withstands a lifetime of use
  • Non-resonant "Cutaway" suspension mount prevents mechanical vibrations from affecting your tracks
  • Meticulous multi-step QC process and 24-hr "burn in" ensure that the mics just work and sound great

The Spectre Sound Review of the Mini K47

Glenn Fricker put the Mini K47 through its paces, and reported the full story in this video:

The Mixdown Online Review of the Mini K87

Chris Selim of Mixdown Online tried the mics on vocals, guitar, and drums. Here is his full review:


When we put the Roswell Mini K-47s up and had a listen, my house engineer at Sunset Sound and I were stunned. They have a smooth detailed sound, without being overly bright. The Mini K47 is warm, and don't sound inexpensive. It is a true "no-brainer" for anyone who is looking for a great mic at a great value.
Ross Hogarth, Grammy Award Nominated Engineer and Producer
I love this mic, I love its price, and I love its accessories. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen to buy them. My prediction is that Roswell will sell a ton of them, because when you make something this good, people notice.
Eli Crews, Tape Op Magazine, on the Mini K87
It honestly seemed like everything I used the K47s on tasted great “right out of the can,” with much less need for sweetening when mixing or mastering. In fact, I don’t remember a microphone that I so consistently did not need to add EQ to.
Sven Erik Seaholm, Engineer and Producer
If you want forward color, pick the Mini K47. If you want neutral with a touch of richness, go with the Mini K87. The best part is still the mini-price of the new Roswell Mini K87 -- at $399 street, I might recommend a Mini K87 pair, or a Mini K47/87 combo, possibly before I'd consider a single $800 - $900 mic. Seriously, these mics sound that good.
Paul Vnuk, Recording Magazine

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Mini K47 microphone product page. For more on the matched pairs, visit the matched pair product page.