Detail Without Hype

The main reason Roswell Pro Audio exists is because I got tired of over-bright microphones.

I've heard them all. I spent years testing affordable mics (and some not-so-affordable) at I found, over and over, that most affordable microphones tend to be bright and harsh-sounding.

Sometimes that voicing works, like when you want to bring some sparkle to a large-body guitar whose strings are 37 years old. I don't have any guitars (much less strings) that are that old, though, so those brightly voiced mics just never earned a place in my studio. I loved the promise and the low prices, but the mics never matched their advertising -- they weren't "warm" or "vintage" at all, but hyped and harsh.

I heard some really nice microphones too, but they were priced beyond my budget.

What my studio needed was an affordable workhorse mic that sounds good on just about everything. I envisioned a mic with a balanced frequency response, low noise, and good headroom. The mic would need to be priced at a level that musicians and home studio owners can afford. That was the recipe for the Roswell Mini K87.

Mini K87 Testimonials

I love this mic, I love its price, and I love its accessories. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen to buy a pair of them. My prediction is that Roswell will sell a ton of them, because when you make something this good, people notice.
Eli Crews, Tape Op Magazine
The Mini K87s work incredibly well on acoustic & electric instruments and vocals. They're extended frequency response and natural sound works wonders on any source not unlike U67s. I love using them as room mics on drums. Crush them with Distressors and you've got gold.
Paul Smith, 8 Days A Week Studio
If you want forward color, pick the Mini K47. If you want neutral with a touch of richness, go with the Mini K87. The best part is still the mini- price of the new Roswell Mini K87—at $399 street, I might recommend a Mini K87 pair, or a Mini K47/87 combo, possibly before I’d consider a single $800 - $900 mic. Seriously, these mics sound that good.
Paul Vnuk, Recording Magazine
Roswell Mini K87

The Roswell Mini K87 at a glance:

  • Large-diaphragm condenser design means great detail, high output, and low noise
  • Selected "K87" capsule captures a full frequency response without hype
  • Compact size makes it easy to position
  • Transformerless circuit topology reduces distortion and noise
  • Smart design, careful assembly, and meticulous testing mean the mic just works
  • Includes Roswell's "Cutaway" shockmount and metal flightcase
  • USD $399 for a single mic
  • USD $899 for the factory matched pair (in a custom stereo case)

The Mixdown Online Review

Chris Selim of Mixdown Online tried the mics on vocals, guitar, and drums. Here is his full review:

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Mini K87 product page.