Colares Audio Samples

Colares Microphone

Click here for more information on the Roswell Colares studio condenser microphone. Or scroll down for video demos and audio samples.

Male Vocals

Hear the Colares in this high-energy remake of the Van Halen version of the Kinks' classic, "You Really Got Me," starring Brian Geller of the Atomic Punks on lead vocals:

Longtime Roswell friend and endorsee Lij Shaw recorded Jonathan Jircitano's haunting song, "Wolves," using the Colares and Delphos microphones. This is really nice:

Female Vocals

Keiko and Ryo Okumoto recorded the Spock's Beard song "Carie" live in the studio through Roswell microphones. Keiko's vocals were tracked through the Roswell Colares. Ryo's piano was recorded with a pair of Mini K47s.

Male and Female Vocals - Warren Huart Review

Hear two very different vocal styles in Warren's review of the Colares.

Male Vocals and Harmonies - Spectre Media Review

Glenn Fricker put the Colares on lead and harmony vocals, and it sounds amazing!

Pop quiz - how far back should the singer stand for BV? How about six feet? I can't argue with the results...

Glenn comments, "I'm super impressed with the colares. I'm going to be reaching for it quite a bit from now on because it just plain sounds awesome."

AudioCzar Review

Chris "Czar" Smith put the Colares on female vocals, male rap vocals, bass, and sax in this extensive hands-on review:


Although we didn't design the Colares for voiceover, it sounds great on the narrator in this clever product video from our friends at Spectre Media Group:

Guitar and Vocals

Hear Rob Leines on vocals and guitar, recorded live in the studio with a single Colares mic: