Best Voiceover Microphone

The Roswell Mini K87 excels for voice recording:

  • It has high sensitivity, which helps create low-noise tracks.
  • It has an unhyped top end that does not exaggerate ess sounds or sibilance.
  • Its compact design reduces visual obstruction of the script.
  • Its full-sized (large diaphragm) capsule and handbuilt circuit effortlessly capture detail lost by dynamic mics or blown out by lesser condenser mics.
Joe Zieja

Joe Zieja

“The Mini K87 may be the best bang for your buck for any voiceover microphone I've ever used, period. I've shot this out with $3500 microphones with some of Los Angeles' top studios, with engineers that have been in this business for 20+ years, and not one of them could tell the difference. This mic is now my workhorse for almost everything I do.”

Joe Zieja is a voice actor, author, and educator. He has voiced hundreds of characters, from Arcane to Transformers, plus radio commercials and Fortune 500 projects. His Voice Acting Academy provides comprehensive instruction on building a career as a voice artist.

Lenny B.

Lenny B

“I have experience with a lot of microphones. When I record, my main goal is to capture personality and translate emotion. The Roswell Mini K87 is an excellent tool for this job. It's a brilliant combination of quality at an incredible price.”

Lenny B is a professional voice-over audio engineer and producer. Thousands of voice-over artists worldwide trust Lenny to improve their quality, effectiveness, and presentation.

Daniel Caouette

Daniel Caouette

“I'm a mic goblin, and the Mini K87 is the cure to my addiction. Where I used to reach for a different mic on many reads, now my locker is streamlined. Why fuss with a bunch of overpriced mics when I know the Mini K87 gives me the exact sound I'm looking for?”

Daniel Caouette is an up and coming voice actor in overdrive. After Daniel's old CEO poked fun at his promo voice, Daniel put in the work so he could finally say "I told you so!" If you're not running an ad-blocker, chances are you'll hear him making some smart-ass remark in big brand ads.

Liz and Brady Hales

Brady & Liz Hales

“The Mini K87 is the mic I always wanted the U87 to be, but never was.”

Brady and Liz Hales have voiced thousands of commercials, corporate videos, games, and shows. They have performed in numerous screen productions. Their new voice acting academy, Voice Acting Career Kickstart, offers free training for aspiring voice actors.

Jay Preston and Megan Hensley

Jay Preston & Meg Hensley

“My wife and I did a microphone shootout, and the Roswell Mini K87 held its own and came out on top! The design, the customization and the customer service are all top notch. This mic is perfect for the home studio and mobile rigs and is currently one of the three mics we use on a daily rotation.”

Jay Preston and Megan Hensley are Husband and Wife dynamic VO duo! They've voiced for hundreds of commercials (over a dozen together) and you can find their voices in many of your favorite video games. Meg and Jay found each other and a love for the Voice Over Industry in Los Angeles where they currently live. With a love of travel, wine and adventure these two have successfully recorded in almost every state over the last seven years together. They both pair nicely with the Roswell Mini K87!

Daniel Caouette, after using the Mini K87 in his booth for a year, bought a Neumann U87 Ai (~$3500), thinking it would be an upgrade. The video below contains a direct comparison of the two. Click below to hear the mics compared, and to learn which one Daniel uses now.