Mini K67x Matched Pair

$ 1,099.00

The Mini K67x is a compact, large-diaphragm condenser with harmonic coloration from its transformer-coupled circuit. The voicing is not overtly colored, but is not as neutral as the Mini K87; the upper mids (4-7kHz) are slightly scooped, and the rolloff above 12kHz is very gradual, giving the mic extended "air."

Each K67x is built by hand in California, burned in, and extensively tested.

Matching Criteria

We match these mics to 0.5dB in sensitivity (measured at 1kHz), and 1.5dB (or better) in frequency response, 50Hz–15kHz.

Headroom On Demand

To ensure that matched pairs have plenty of headroom for use as overheads for loud drummers, we install an internally switchable 10dB attenuation pad in each of the K67x microphones used for matched pairs. Most customers will not need this additional headroom... but if you do, unscrew the base of the microphone (no tools needed), slide the body sleeve off, flip the toggle switch inside the mic, screw the body back on, and get back to the session.

Included Accessories

Each microphone includes our exclusive Cutaway™ metal-frame shockmount (with spare elastics), and a Roswell branded microfleece dust cover. Matched pairs ship in a single stereo-pair aluminum flightcase, which holds two microphones and two shockmounts.

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