Mini K87 Condenser Microphone

$ 399.00 (MSRP $ 469.00)

  • Neutral voicing with full low-frequency response
  • Designed, assembled, and tested in California
  • Handpicked NOS audiophile components
  • Includes Cutaway™ shockmount and case
  • In stock for immediate shipment

The Mini K87 is a high-resolution condenser microphone with a neutral voicing. It aspires to transparency rather than color. Yet it retains enough character to capture and communicate the emotion of the source.

The mic's sound comes from a combination of a specially tuned K67/K87-style capsule and a circuit that we've designed to enhance and complement it. The final voicing of the microphone is a manual process that enables us to create a very consistent sound.

The Mini K87 excels on vocals (sung and spoken, including voiceover and podcasting), guitars, acoustic strings, and drum overheads.

We find that neutral microphones tend to be compatible with a wide range of sources, both instruments and vocals. Because the microphone is not trying to impose too much of its own sound on the source, the Mini K87 sounds good on many of them.

The Mini K87 goes through an extensive burn-in, QC, and audio testing process prior to shipping. This ensures that every microphone delivers superior performance out of the box.

Like all Roswell microphones, the Mini K87 is designed, assembled, tested, and tuned in California.

The Mini K87 ships with our exclusive Cutaway shockmount, Roswell branded microfleece mic sock, and an aluminum flight case.

Recording drum overheads or other stereo applications? Click for matched stereo pairs of the Mini K87.

We now offer Custom Shop variations on the Mini K87. Select these options using the drop-down menus above.

Circuit Options

The standard Mini K87 circuit is optimized for high dynamic range. It works well on sources from vocals to drum overheads, from piano to loud electric guitar cabinets. This is the best option for most audio engineers. This is the circuit that has earned all the superlative reviews you've seen about this mic.

If you only ever intend to record quiet acoustic sources, such as acoustic guitar, strings, vocals, voiceover, or ensembles, we can modify the circuit to provide a high output, high sensitivity design. These "High Output" microphones will not work well on loud sources such as drum overheads, horns, or amplified instruments. But they will deliver superior results on very quiet sources.

Cosmetic Options

We periodically offer limited-time custom finish (color) options. Available colors are listed in the drop-down menu. Custom finish options include an embossed brass logo badge on the microphone. These finishes are not guaranteed to be available forever; they will come and go as we experiment with different colors.

  • Large-diaphragm, 34mm K67/K87 style capsule
  • Ultra-thin gold plated diaphragm
  • Pristine transformerless circuit designed for transparency, low noise, low distortion
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout the signal path
  • Heavy, solid steel body
  • Cutaway™ elastic shockmount
  • Natural, uncolored (essentially flat) frequency response
  • Takes EQ extremely well
  • Solid, high-quality construction
  • High sensitivity
  • Low self-noise and very low distortion
  • Modern performance with vintage tone
Model: Mini K87
Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Capsule: Large diaphragm, 34mm O.D. True Condenser, K67/K87 style
Diaphragm: Imported Mylar, center terminated
Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 14 mV/Pa
Impedance: 112 Ohms
Signal-to-noise: 82 dBA
Equivalent noise: 12 dBA
Supply voltage: 48±4 VDC
Output: Electronically balanced (transformerless)
Physical dimensions: 150 × 44mm; 325g (mic only)
Frequency Response

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