Mini K47x Condenser Microphone

$ 479.00

The Mini K47x combines the circuit magic of the best-selling Mini K67x with the K47 capsule from the most popular mic in our catalog:

  • Midrange detail from the K47 capsule
  • Tube-like harmonic saturation from the transformer circuit
  • Includes our Cutaway shockmount and flight case

The Mini K47x provides a unique and compelling combination of the attributes of our two most popular microphones, while retaining the "point and shoot" simplicity of the Mini K mic family.

This model won the "Editor's Choice" award from Music Inc at NAMM 2023.

It sounds like we're recording to tape!
- Mini K47x customer

On quiet sources, the K47x would sound similar to the Mini K47, although perhaps 1dB more neutral above 2kHz. On moderate to louder sources, the K47x circuit will be pushed into gentle saturation, which adds harmonic complexity and richness to the sound of the mic. Simultaneously, sharp transients in the source will be slightly rounded and softened, giving the K47x a a sound that evokes classic European tube microphones, or a 2-inch tape deck.

Like all Roswell microphones, the Mini K47x is assembled and tested in California, using the premium components and meticulous care for which Roswell is known.

Color, Character, Tone. Pick Any Three.

The mic's name, "K47x," refers both to the capsule design and circuit topology. The capsule is a K47 type. The "x" refers to the transformer-coupled circuit, which gives the mic its trademark harmonic saturation.

Every Roswell microphone is subjected to a 24-hr "burn in" on our proprietary conditioning fixture, then tested extensively prior to shipping: polarity, noise, frequency response, sensitivity, and more. We perform an acoustic sweep test and listen to every microphone multiple times before it leaves our facility.

The Mini K47x has a durable metallic paint finish; the color is Metallic Indigo. Each mic ships with our exclusive Cutaway™ shockmount, Roswell branded microfleece mic sock, and an upgraded flight case.

What it's NOT

The Mini K47x is not a replacement for the Mini K47. It's not an "upgraded" Mini K47. It is a new design that sounds different from the Mini K47. Read more about the differences in the "Features" tab.

  • Large-diaphragm, single backplate Roswell K47 capsule
  • Vintage circuit design with Roswell T7 output transformer
  • Hand-picked, audiophile-grade capacitors
  • Heavy, solid steel body with Metallic Indigo finish
  • Exclusive Cutaway™ non-resonant shockmount
  • Mid-forward frequency response complements piano, guitars, and vocals.
  • Harmonic saturation enhances the source, much like a tube microphone would.
  • Solid, high-quality construction ensures real-world durability and long service life.
  • Low self-noise keeps hiss out of your tracks.
Design and Component Details

The Mini K47x capsule is a 34mm (large diaphragm) K47 design. It provides a presence boost in the 4-6kHz range. We tune the K47x capsule to have a milder presence boost than the Mini K47; this makes the K47x slightly more relaxed, or less "forward" sounding.

The circuit design borrows from our flagship Colares microphone; it is a single-stage JFET/transformer topology, built around a selected vintage European-made output capacitor, the best-sounding modern filter capacitors on the market, and our own oversized T7 transformer with high nickel lamination.

The capacitor feeding the JFET is a critical component to the mic's sound. We've designed a custom bipolar electrolytic, with a special formulation of electrolyte that was initially developed for the legendary Black Gate line of capacitors.

Internal gain staging is carefully set for each individual mic to produce harmonic saturation at moderate SPL. This allows the Mini K47x to evoke the sound of vintage tube microphones, creating harmonics to complement the source, although without adding noise or crushing transients the way some tube mics would.

While the circuit topology in the K47x is shared with the K67x, these circuits differ in implementation, because we treat each product as a complete system. Here are the main circuit differences from the K67x:

  • The K47x uses a more colored type of resistor, while the K67x resistors were chosen for transparency.
  • All the filter capacitors are different formulations. As with the resistors, the K47x parts were chosen for color.
  • The K47x uses our T7 transformer, while the K67x uses our T9 transformer.

Compared to the Mini K47, the Mini K47x has softer transients and more saturation. The original Mini K47 was designed for accurate transient response and very low distortion. The Mini K47x, in contrast, embraces second-harmonic saturation as a sonic enhancement. A side-effect of the saturation circuit is that transients are slightly compressed in the Mini K47x.

Both the Mini K47 and Mini K47x provide unique, distinctive voices that deliver fantastic results for vocals, piano, guitars, and drum overheads.

Model: Mini K47x
Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Capsule: 34mm O.D. True Condenser, single-backplate K47
Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 12 mV/Pa
Impedance: 200 Ohms
Signal-to-noise: 81 dBA
Equivalent noise: 13 dBA
Supply voltage: 48±4 VDC
Output: Transformer balanced
Physical dimensions: 150 × 44mm; 380g (mic only)
Frequency Response

This frequency chart is the same as the Mini K47. In practice, we tune the K47x with a slightly more vintage sound, which means approximately 1dB lower output above 4kHz than in the Mini K47.

Needless to say, for the K47x (and K67x) the frequency chart only tells half the story; the sound of the mic is determined in part by the circuit's saturation behavior. Circuit saturation does not affect frequency response, and as such is not illustrated by the frequency chart.

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