Mini K47 KD Microphone

$ 389.00

    • Purpose-built for kick drum (and other high SPL applications)
    • Designed, assembled, and tested in California
    • Vintage tone from true 34mm large-diaphragm K47 capsule
    • Handpicked NOS audiophile components
    • In stock for immediate shipment


When you turn it off, you just get sad. - Charlie Waymire

the Mini K47KD and the K67x pair haven't left my kit since they arrived. Those are absolutely BRILLIANT mics! I've been bringing them with me to sessions at other studios and choosing the 47KD over actual 47fet in front of kicks, and the 67s as overheads just blow my mind; they have more snare body in them than the close snare mics. Incredibly impressive stuff. - Don Gunn


The Mini K47 KD is a handbuilt microphone for high SPL applications: kick drum, floor tom, bass cab, brass.

We've retained our incredibly popular K47 capsule, as found in the Mini K47. We've crafted a new circuit that is optimized for high SPL capture with minimal noise, huge bottom end, and high headroom.

The Mini K47 KD ships with our exclusive Cutaway shockmount in a hard case.

Hear this mic in Ep. 3 of our Virtual Showroom studio broadcast.

Pair the Mini K47 KD with a matched pair of the Mini K47 or Mini K87 for a 3-piece drum recording solution. Add the MicParts Snare Mic and MicParts S-25 TT for hi-hat and drums.

KD Circuit Design

We developed a new circuit for the KD, to accommodate two characteristics not typically demanded of large-diaphragm condensers: the ability to withstand high-SPL sources without clipping downstream devices (e.g., the preamp), and to capture subsonic bass frequencies.

The simple solution to reducing output would be to add a big capacitor to the mic's input circuit; this would indeed increase headroom and decrease output. High-value capacitive pads can add distortion, though, which is not part of the desired sound for this model.

Instead, we changed the circuit topology to reduce the output level without adding distortion. We adjusted internal voltages to raise headroom without artificial attenuation. And we changed component values to reduce low-frequency filtering.

The result is a mic purpose-built for kick drum, both internal and external placements.

Component Details

The demand for high SPL capability affects JFET choice. Some transistors are capable of higher headroom than others.

We individually "bias" every JFET for the KD circuit; this configures the transistor for its max SPL and minimum distortion.

The main signal capacitor in the KD is a vintage component, no longer made and increasingly difficult to find. It provides a uniquely transparent sound, and fits a large value (capacitance) in a small package. We use another similar part as the final DC filter capacitor on the capsule power supply.

This modified circuit topology and the combination of components gives us the clarity and punch we want, with plenty of headroom and dynamic range.

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