Small Mic, Big Sound

Roswell's "Mini K series" microphones are physically small (hence the name), but sonically huge!

Their small size has benefits:

  • Easy to position
  • Visually unobtrusive
  • No "stand sag"

These are true large-diaphragm condensers:

  • Capsules measure 34mm (outside diameter)
  • Capsules are externally polarized (not electrets).

Circuits are design and optimized for high performance, and built with carefully chosen, audiophile grade components, including:

  • Vintage, "new old stock" transistors
  • 1% tolerance, precision audio resistors from Dale and PRP
  • Vintage, "new old stock" film capacitors from Roederstein, Vishay, Siemens, Mial
  • Upgraded electrolytic filter capacitors from Nichicon, and our own custom made Roswell branded parts
  • Custom-wound transformers (in the K47x and K67x)

We make no compromises during the manufacturing process. All soldering, assembly, testing, and tuning is done in California, not overseas.

The mics are built to last:

  • Full metal body, chassis, and shockmount
  • Heat-treated, durable finish

The Mini K series contains 4 distinctly voiced microphones, each of which achieves its signature sound through the use of unique capsule voicings and circuit designs:

  • The Mini K47 uses our K47 capsule with a transformerless circuit, to deliver clean transients and upper midrange detail. This mic is loved for drum overheads and room, piano, guitar cabs, acoustic strings, and vocals.
  • The Mini K87 uses our K87 capsule with a transformerless circuit; each mic is individually tuned to deliver a neutral frequency response. This mic is loved for voices and voiceover, acoustic guitar, sax, and upright bass.
  • The Mini K67x uses our K67x capsule with a transformer-coupled circuit; the combination is optimized for vocal recording, and excels on guitar cab.
  • The Mini K47x uses our K47/49 capsule with a transformer-coupled circuit. It adds upper midrange presence and harmonic saturation to sources, making it a favorite for vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano.


The Mini K mics are available in a variety of custom colors:

All the Mini K models are available as single microphones or hand-matched stereo pairs.


We sell bigger mics too, if you need switchable features such as pattern, pad, or filter.