More Drums, Less Room

This mic's tighter polar pattern helps focus on the drums without exaggerating the sound of the room.

The Roswell Mini K47 sounds fantastic on drum overheads. Hear for yourself in these three clips -- three drummers, three rooms, three great-sounding kits:

The Mini K47's natural polar response is slightly narrower than Cardioid, especially at high frequencies. This helps focus the mic on the drums, not the room.

The mic's "K47" capsule has a presence bump in the upper midrange, which helps bring definition to toms and snare while naturally attenuating cymbal wash.

The above video is an excerpt from The Weight session. Listen to the low end on the initial floor tom hit. The Mini K47s were set up in a Glyn Johns array, in a small but live-sounding iso booth.

The full-range response of these mics makes it a viable choice to record drums with just 2-3 microphones, avoiding the setup time, complexity, and phase challenges of close-miking every individual drum.

Roswell Mini K47 matched pair

The Roswell Mini K47 at a glance:

  • Our "K47" capsule has a presence bump in the upper mids, and a neutral frequency response above 8kHz. It will naturally hear the tone of the drums and snare, while attenuating the cymbals as well as high-frequency room reflections.
  • The Mini K47's polar pattern is narrower at high frequencies. Position the mics so they're pointing at the drums, not the cymbals, and you'll mostly hear drums from your overhead track.
  • The mic's large-diaphragm design means great detail, high output, and low noise.
  • The mic's compact size makes it easy to hang above a drum kit (without needing a $300 mic stand to carry its weight).
  • Its transformerless circuit reduces distortion, even for rimshots and drum transients.
  • Smart design, careful assembly, and meticulous testing mean the mic just works.
  • Every Mini K47 includes Roswell's "Cutaway" shockmount and metal flightcase.
  • USD $389 for a single mic.
  • USD $899 for the factory matched pair (in a custom stereo case).

Here is another drum overhead demo, including a comparison to a popular SDC mic:

Mini K47 Testimonials

When we put the Roswell Mini K-47s up and had a listen, we were stunned. They have a smooth detailed sound, without being overly bright. The Mini K47 is warm, and don't sound inexpensive. It is a true "no-brainer" for anyone who is looking for a great mic at a great value.
Ross Hogarth, Grammy Award Nominated Engineer and Producer
The Mini K47s have such a great balanced top end. They are my go-to mics for drum rooms and acoustic guitars.
Geoff Neal, Sunset Sound

The Mixdown Online Review

Chris Selim of Mixdown Online tried the mics on vocals, guitar, and drums, and named the mic the best mic under $300. Here's his drum clip:

Bonus Video

Hear the Mini K47 on guitar cab, bass, and drum overheads in this incredible version of Little Wing.

Detailed Product Information

Find a full description of the circuit design, components, and specifications on the Mini K47 product page.