RA-VO Audio Samples

For more information on the Roswell RA-VO voice microphone, click here.


Listen to voice artists Jordan Reynolds, Tim Friedlander, and Jay Preston on a short commercial read with the RA-VO Voiceover microphone:

Mara Junot

Hear voice actor Mara Junot demo the RA-VO.

Chris Fries

Hear voice actor Chris Fries demo the RA-VO, including a comparison to the Sennheiser MKH-416.

Chris' voice sounds great on both mics, but we far prefer the RA-VO. Listen to how the "ess" sounds are integrated into the rest of the voice on the RA-VO track. In contrast, the 416 pushes them forward so they're loud and cutting. Simultaneously, the 416 carves out all the midrange. The 416 gives you a lot of information below 200Hz, and a lot above 5kHz, and not much in between.

The RA-VO has a much more balanced timbre, with significantly improved midrange detail and a much less harsh top end.

Listening tip: turn the volume way down, and those ess sounds will poke right out; they're louder than everything else.

Jordan Reynolds

Jordan recorded this demo using the RA-VO.

Movie Trailer

Hear a commercial sample at the end of this movie trailer. This clip is also from Jordan, through his RA-VO:

Stuart Kennon

Hear voice actor Stuart Kennon test the RA-VO against a lower-cost "VO" microphone. Listen for the smoother midrange, and more natural (less hyped) top end on the Roswell microphone.

Lori Furth

Hear voice actor Lori Furth test-drive the RA-VO. Listen to the incredible amount of detail and character captured by the mic... without sibilance.