Podcasting Microphones

The Roswell Mini K47 and Mini K87 are both well-suited to broadcast and voice recording, whether for Zoom, podcasting, Youtube video, or off-camera voiceover.

Advantages of Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mics for Voice Recording

While dynamic mics like the RE20 and SM7B are popular choices for this application, we have found our condenser mics to offer several advantages:

  • Lower Noise: Roswell's condenser microphones have much higher sensitivity than common dynamic microphones, which means they need significantly less preamp gain to get a good signal level. Because preamps can add noise at high gain settings, low-output dynamic mics can be noisier than condensers.
  • Consistent Sound: Roswell's condenser mics have a larger "sweet spot." This means your voice is less likely dip or drop out if you move or turn your head while recording, as compared to a close dynamic mic.
  • Better Framing: Roswell's condenser mics have more "reach" than dynamic mics, enabling you to position the mic farther away -- e.g., out of frame -- and still capture natural, unhyped sound. Said another way: with a Roswell Mini K, you don't need to "eat the mic" to get good sound... and your video content will feature you, not your microphone.
  • Lower Cost: The most popular "broadcast dynamics" cost more than the Mini K47, and arguably need a high-cost boutique preamp or inline mic activator to achieve acceptable performance. In contrast, the Mini K mics work beautifully with whatever preamp you already own.

Hear Roswell Artists In Action

Joe Gilder - Home Studio Corner

Joe Gilder, Homem Studio CornerJoe began providing free educational content to the home recording community in 2009. Since then, he's amassed 185,000 subscribers on Youtube, hundreds of videos, and over 17 million views. He stands out as one of the most respected educators in the industry.

Joe's voice mic is a Roswell Mini K47.

Find Joe online:

Andy Bailey - Andymation


Perhaps the best-known flipbook animator on Youtube, Andy has 4.2 million subscribers. Andy has been a Roswell Delphos user since 2018.

(While the "OG" Delphos that Andy loves is no longer in the Roswell product catalog, fans of that sound can find it in the Delphos II, or the "High Output" Custom Shop edition of the Mini K87.)

See Andy's work here:

Larry Milburn - Roadie Free Radio

Larry Milburn

Roadie Free Radio is a podcast about the unsung heroes of the music and film industries -- the hundreds of names listed in a tiny font in the movie's credits, or working backstage in black t-shirts that say "CREW." RFR has published over 180 interviews with tour managers, FOH and monitor engineers, production staff, artists, etc. Find episodes archived at Roadie Free Radio.

Larry's go-to podcast mic is the Roswell Mini K87.

Chris Selim - Mixdown Online

Chris SelimChris has mixed and produced more than 80 albums over the past 20 years. He has invested the past few years into building a content channel on Youtube, resulting in explosive growth over the past year to 65,000 subscribers.

As an early adopter of Roswell mics, Chris has been using a first-generation Delphos for his paid video courses as well as his Youtube content. As noted above, the Mini K87 "High Output" Edition is the current production equivalent of that model.

Find Chris online:

Jason Weissman - The Intellectual People Podcast

Jason's show is a series of one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, and business owners, who are invited to share their "journey stories." The guest list seems to follow Jason's personal interests, including audio gear design, DIY, automotive technology, medicine, and more. It is fascinating to see all the ways passion can be pursued and expressed.

Jason's on-camera mic was one of the best-known broadcast dynamics, until he interviewed Roswell founder Matt McGlynn... and switched to a Mini K47.

Find Jason's show at The Intellectual People Podcast or on Youtube.