Mixed Pair vs Matched Pair

Mixed vs Matched Pairs

Here at Roswell Pro Audio, we spend all of our time building cool tools to make your recording sessions great. Let's talk about how our Mixed Pairs and Matched Pairs can help you get the sounds you want, with less time spent.

What is a Matched Pair?

Roswell Mini K47 Pair
  • Two identical mics
  • Matched for frequency response and sensitivity
  • Fantastic for stereo applications: drum overheads, piano, acoustic guitar

A "matched pair" is a set of two microphones that sound the same. Our pairs are hand-matched for both sensitivity (0.5dB @ 1kHz) and frequency response (1.5dB, 50Hz–15kHz). Those specs are just a technical way to express that the two mics sound essentially identical. (Beware of companies that only match for sensitivity, or limit the frequency range matching to a few octaves in the middle of the audible range.)

Using very closely matched mics for stereo applications yields tracks with superior spatial dimensionality, a sense of "you are there" 3D realism.

Who needs matched pairs?

If you record instruments or ensembles in stereo, your tracks will benefit from matched pairs. Common stereo applications include drum overheads, piano, choruses and ensembles, even acoustic guitar. All of these sources can be recorded beautifully with the Roswell Mini K47 Matched Pair and Mini K87 Matched Pair.

Needless to say, the two mics of a matched pair can also be used as individual mics for multitrack mono applications -- think guitar cab, vocals, percussion, bass, etc.

Now choose which color

Both the Mini K47 and the Mini K87 are offered in matched stereo pairs. Both have quickly become studio favorites for drum overheads, piano, and all manner of stringed instruments.

Choose the Mini K47 for its midrange detail and vintage tone. Choose the Mini K87 for its warm lows and neutral, transparent response.

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What is a Mixed Pair?

Roswell Mini K Mixed Pair
  • Two different mics
  • Different voicings enhance a wide variety of instruments
  • Ideal for recording multiple singers or instruments

A "mixed pair," in contrast to a matched pair, is a set of two microphones that don't sound exactly the same. In this case, the two mics are our Mini K47 and Mini K87. One is neutral, with a warm low end, and the other has some sonic "color" due to its mid-forward voicing. We bundle the two mics into a stereo pair case to make our Mini K Mixed Pair.

Who needs mixed pairs?

Artists and engineers who record many different sources benefit from having several distinct sonic colors in their mic locker.

The Mini K Mixed Pair is designed to cover a wide range of instruments and voices: having two mono mics that sound different doubles your chances of having the perfect microphone for every instrument in your acoustically diverse collection.

Just as an example, think about musicians that have a half-dozen guitars -- different styles, different sizes, different tunings -- plus mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, and more. All those instruments have distinct sounds, and will benefit from access to microphones with distinct sonic colors.

The Mixed Pair also gives you the opportunity to experiment with unconventional stereo mic setups, where creative mismatches lead to sonically interesting results.

Two colors in one

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