$ 475.00 (MSRP $ 499.00)

Through a special partnership with FMR Audio, we are pleased to offer the RNP -- Really Nice Preamp.

Here's what I love about the RNP:

  • The two mic inputs are gain-matched to within 0.2dB, making it perfect for tracking stereo sources with excellent dimensional fidelity (assuming your microphones are matched too).
  • The gain knobs are switches with 12 discrete steps. This means you can match input levels, and recall them later.
  • The preamp has tons of headroom, which makes it a great match for high-output microphones such as the Mini K47, Delphos, and Colares.
  • The RNP hooks up to the RNC via two TRS cables, giving you fantastic compression control for both of the RNP's channels.
  • Two fantastic preamps for a very affordable price!

If you're buying a matched pair of Mini K47s, you'll be hard pressed to find an audibly superior preamp at twice the price of the RNP. Even for mono applications, the RNP is a solid sonic upgrade to most of the built-in preamps in audio interfaces I've heard.

We have two RNPs remaining in stock.