$ 175.00 (MSRP $ 199.00)

Through a special partnership with FMR Audio, we are pleased to offer the RNC -- Really Nice Compressor.

I've had a pair of these in my rack for over 10 years. I've used them on drums, bass, vocals, even as part of my podcast vocal chain. The RNC is my go-to unit for easy, sonically transparent compression. The unit gets high marks for its "super nice" mode, which chains 3 compressors in series while still giving independent control over threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain.

Note that the RNC is a stereo compressor. You get two matched channels of compression in a single one-third rackspace chassis.

If your DAW or console has single-channel TRS inserts, where tip=send and ring=return, you can hook up both channels of the RNC with two TRS cables. More likely, your DAW or interface has 1/4-inch TS jacks for "line out" and "line in," so you'd need four TS cables to hook up both channels of the RNC to your interface.

We have one RNC1773 remaining in stock.