Black Friday Microphone Sale 2023

New to Roswell Pro Audio?

If you are not already familiar with our microphones, we welcome the opportunity to make an introduction!

We manufacture large-diaphragm condenser microphones in northern California, combining deeply-researched and fanatically optimized circuit topologies with best-in-class components, hands-on soldering and assembly, and meticulous testing.

The "Mini K" product line offers four distinct capsule voicings and two distinct circuit designs, resulting in a collection of problem-solving microphones that readily outperform higher-cost alternatives while retaining "point and shoot" ease of use.

Read more about our origins and philosophy in an essay called "Science. Not Fiction," or in this recent MusicTech Magazine interview with company founder Matthew McGlynn.

Find video demos here, or see this collection of music videos that were Recorded with Roswell.

Configure Your Own Mic System

  • Save 10% on two Mini K mics. Use coupon code: BF23-2SINGLES
  • Save 15% on three Mini K mics. Use coupon code: BF23-3SINGLES
  • Save 20% four Mini K mics. Use coupon code: BF23-4SINGLES
  • Save $50 on any single Mini K microphone with our new LC Editions.
  • Did you have your eye on a matched pair instead of singles? We've got you. Just add the appropriate matched pair upgrade to your same shopping cart (along with two of the same model mics).
  • Find SDCs, a dual-output LDC, and more discounted microphones (and DIY kits) at MicParts' BF2023 page
  • Sale prices are good while supplies last.

Mini K Comparison Chart

Mini K47

Full product info

Mini K47x

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Mini K67x

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Mini K87

Full product info
Capsule Type: K47 K47 K67
(proprietary tuning)
Circuit Topology: transformerless, electronically balanced single-stage JFET/transformer single-stage JFET/transformer transformerless, electronically balanced
Mic Voicing: Midrange detail, accurate transients, high dynamic range Midrange presence, slight transient compression, harmonic saturation Flat, wideband response with harmonic saturation, extended "air" Smooth response with unhyped top end, natural sound
Applications:* Vocals, electric guitar cab, acoustic guitar, piano, focused drum overheads, broadcast voice/podcasting, spot mics on strings, ukulele

For kick drum, see the Mini K47 KD.
Vocals, guitars, drum overheads, ukulele Vocals, guitars, drum overheads, bass cab, ukulele Vocals, high-gain electric guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, sax, ensembles/orchestra (main pair), horns, voiceover, ukulele

All Roswell microphones have:

  • A large-diaphragm capsule, plated with gold
  • A handcrafted circuit made with top-quality components
  • Roswell's exclusive Cutaway™ non-resonant shockmount
  • An upgraded flight case
  • Alternative color paint/powdercoat finishes from our "Custom Shop"
  • 12-month warranty (doubles to 2 years with registration)
  • Field-proven performance in commercial and home studios

*Regarding the applications listed above: Any of these mics can be successfully used on pretty much any source. But they all sound different. Unless every voice/guitar/bass you record always sounds exactly the same, you will appreciate having alternative sonic colors available for your sessions. Feel free to contact us directly if you need more guidance.

Recommended 3-piece Mic Sets

Drum Kit
Mini K47 KD for kick drum, matched pair of any other Mini K model for overheads. With the Mini K87, you might find that you don't need mics on all the toms.
Electric Guitar (any sound, any style)
Mini K47, Mini K67x, Mini K87
Acoustic Guitar (any sound, any style)
Mini K47x, Mini K67x, Mini K87
Vocals (any sound, any style)
Mini K47x, Mini K67x, Mini K87
Matched pair of Mini K87s, plus a Mini K47 or Mini K47x as a spot/solo mic
Piano + Vocal
Matched pair of Mini K47s for the piano, plus a Mini K87 or Mini K67x for vocals

Recommended 4-piece Mic Sets

There are too many options to list them all!

The discount applies both to single mics and matched pairs; you can mix and match to cook up a bundle that covers nearly any source in your studio -- voices, guitars, strings, brass, drums, Leslie, voiceover...

Shipping for "Black Friday" Microphone Sets

Domestic US - we offer a free shipping option, but we only recommend it if your delivery address is a business. The free shipping option does not include insurance, nor a signature requirement. If packages are stolen from your porch, FedEx/UPS will deny the claim, and the loss would be your responsibility. Please consider using a shipping option with insurance and/or signature requirement to avoid these risks.

International - The website's check-out system struggles to predict shipping rates accurately, and might over-charge for some bundles. If we see that you've paid too much for shipping, we would rebate the difference. We try to subsidize shipping costs, not profit from them. :-)