Jordan Reynolds

Jordan is a professional voiceover talent whose clients include Microsoft, Walmart, Sprite, and Taco Bell. He is also a skilled engineer/producer of voiceover demos.

Hear Jordan's VO work at his website, jordanreynolds.com.

Jordan helped us find the "voice" for our RA-VO microphone. We knew we'd found the right sound when our prototype mic became Jordan's go-to mic for commercial voice gigs.

3 Sigma Audio

3 Sigma Audio builds impulse libraries and other products targeted at the music recording and production markets. Founded by Joe Quick, Chris Lucas, & Dan Lopatka, the company's first product is a  Studio Guitar Impulse library. Many of these samples were recorded with Roswell Pro Audio microphones.

Hear our Mini K47, Aurora, and a few prototype microphones on male vocals in this fantastic demo video: